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About company

In May 1997, the company "Vershina" began its existence and to this day as a manufacturer of industrial and household chemicals occupies a leading place among the largest enterprises of Russia.

Today we can safely say that this is a modern and always actively developing industry. The company rightfully has membership in the European industrial network, focusing on the modernization of ideas, skills and skills in production and production.

The company "Vershina" is the first chemical plant in Russia, which takes several important components for its work. In addition to high quality, all the forces of production are focused on the interaction between the concepts of "integration of science" and "style", which made it possible to become the engine of the market from general to particular and to highlight the specific product being manufactured against the background of the general proposal. The company logically forms the elements of production, synthesizing them with different directions.

"Vershina" was able to open the concept of "modern chemistry" in its own way, more accurately analyzing its theoretical and practical side. This allowed the production to attract the attention of partners and consumers, having proved to be a stable and reliable company. The contribution of the specialists of this production, their attitude to business and interaction with innovative equipment contribute to the further development of this direction.

The collective of our company is 120 specialists who work in different profiles. The achievements of each employee contribute to increasing the importance of the enterprise and its prosperity. Before forming a cohesive and qualified team, all potential employees underwent a serious selection according to our own criteria within the framework of our specialization. Therefore, each of our specialists is a person competent not only in his field, but also ready to provide his assistance in other areas.

Merits and successes

The company "Vershina" takes membership in the Finnish-Russian Chamber and the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We have many times been Laureates of diverse exhibitions and have become winners.

The cooperation of the company with the main oil refining companies of Russia and the European Union makes it possible to sell their products outside of Russia, in the CIS countries and in Europe. The company was already able to cross the Atlantic limits, having there reliable partners.